Lutfiye Sehiber, Iman and seven children/grandchildren- Adana, Turkey


After Lutfiye lost her husband and three of her sons in the Syrian War, she and her daughter-in-law, Iman, and the children of her deceased sons migrated to Turkey. The nine of them are now sharing one room in Adana, Turkey.

Iman, mother of Esraa, Ghofran, and Ahmad, had remarried a Turkish man after arriving as a refugee. This man has now abandoned Iman because he does not want the responsibility of her children and has left her pregnantwith her fourth child. Iman formerly worked as a tailor, but is less and less able to find work because of the upcoming birth of the new baby and his or her needs. Two more children, a second Ahmad, and Bilal, see their mother only on weekends, as she has also remarried and is living with this man in another area. And Qamar and Hamza, similarly, see their mother only on the weekends, as she has also remarried and moved away. The grandmother, Lutfiye, is elderly and has health concerns, including eye/vision problems. She is not able to work to provide income for the family.


image-4The family is in need of the following assistant-

$125 for food

$75 for diapers and other personal items

$300 Sewing Machine

$200 Sewing table and materials

Funding for micro enterprise. (Still in discussions )




ARC is working in collaboration with volunteer John Scott to help Lutfiye, Iman, and the seven young children. John can be contacted at






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 Lutfiye Sehiber, Iman and seven children/grandchildren- Adana, Turkey

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