Volunteer Spotlight: Meredith Wheeler Helps Refugees in Southwestern France

Volunteer Spotlight: Meredith Wheeler Helps Refugees in Southwestern France

Meredith Wheeler, an American living in the town of Lautrec, in Southwestern France, on helping refugees in her area. I’m an American, originally from suburban Chicago. With my British husband, I’ve been living deep in the countryside of southwestern France

Donation Needed: 2 Projectors with DVD Players

We are seeking donations for 2 projectors (and the gadgets to make it work to project on a large wall) for the refugee camp at Gevgelia or donations to buy in Gevgelia. One for children, one for adults. To be used with

URGENT PROJECT: NYC and Northeast USA area DEADLINE FEB. 15, 2016

Lifting Hands International: http://www.liftinghandsinternational.org/ We need help collecting 100 cubic feet worth of winter items to be sent from NYC to Calais refugee camp in France by FEB 15. The following are in critical shortage: – Very warm jackets for adults

Volunteer Spotlight: “On Hope”

A volunteer from Zagreb, Croatia, working with Are You Syrious?, an NGO dedicated to helping refugees. They work to ease the refugees’ difficult journeys. This volunteer wishes to remain anonymous, and has changed the names and locations of the refugees

Volunteer Spotlight: Zora O’Neill on Working W/ Refugees & Volunteers in Lesvos

VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT:  Zora O’Neill, on working with refugees and other volunteers in Lesvos 1) Introduction: Where are you from? What motivated you to volunteer with refugees? Anything else to add? I live in New York City. My husband and I go