Americans For Refugees In Crisis (ARC) has committed to pay for housing for each of the families listed here for minimum of one (1) year. In addition to housing, the families need financial support for food, as well as for some, medical treatment, domestic supplies and equipment, and school fees. ARC is also determined to make investments in the future livelihoods of these families. Our goal is to create a support mechanism whereby families can eventually become self-sufficient. Implementing their own ideas, skills and desires, we hope to develop individual micro-enterprises with each of the families by providing financial, organizational and training support to bring these ideas into action. ARC is inspired and motivated to break the vicious cycle of extreme poverty and/or homelessness in which many refugee families find themselves existing. By planting seeds of fruition in the form of business models, we offer these families something tangible to build upon, and most importantly, we offer hope.

This is an opportunity for you to contribute much-needed funds for these families. Donations can be given as one-time support towards specific items, or given on a monthly basis, as in the case of housing and micro-business funds. Please click on the highlighted name to read more about the family in need.Donations are implemented promptly after ARC receives them and are used in their entirety toward the family’s specific needs.




1)  Istedar Diab family–Widow with 3 children, 2 who are ill  (Tripoli, Jordan)   

  • $ 200 monthly general support for food and other items
  • $ 190 Washing machine
  • $ 250 oven for cooking
  • $500- $750 for cell phone repair micro-enterprise

Istedar Diab Family Fund


 2) Lutfiye  Sehiber–Syrian grandmother supporting several grandchildren (Adana, Turkey)

  • $125 for food
  • $75 for diapers and other personal items
  • $300 Sewing Machine
  • $200 Sewing table and materials
  • Funding for micro enterprise. (Still in discussions )

Lutfiye Sehiber Family Fund


3)  Turkyeh Ahmad Al Saleh –A single mother with 4 children, including one with severe disability (Bekka Valley, Lebanon)

  • 200 monthly needed for general support, food, supplies
  • $1000 for foot surgery to fix child’s deformed leg
  • Physiotherapy after surgery (TBD, at moment $120 mo)
  • Speaking therapy for Faisal (TBD but estimated at $120 mo)
  • $ 150 Television for children
  • Funding for micro enterprise (Still in discussions, mother wants to start micro enterprise after surgery for her son)

 Turkyeh Family Fund


4)  Darwish family–Family of 8, 3 members of family have hemophilia (Mugla, Turkey)

  • $50 mo for medicines not covered by Turkish government
  • As of yet, undetermined funding for farm ARC has rented for them. Funding needs include compost, farm tools, plants and seedlings, funds for chickens and to build a coop, marketing materials, materials for a farm stand, and other items yet to be determined. Volunteers needed to help on the farm as well!
  • $ 200 Washing machine
  • $ 100 Sewing machine

Darwish Family Fund


5)  Khalida, widow with 4 children (2 were working in factories)  (Istanbul, Turkey)

  • $75 mo for food
  • $25 mo for school transport and supplies
  • $500 – 750 micro-business fund  for Mobile/In-home Hairdressing salon (Khalida was previously a hairdresser in Syria) Items include, hair coloring kits, equipment, nail inventory, cutting chair and other similar items. (any amount will help)

Khalida family fund


6)  Turkyeh and Hussain Ali Al Zwaiher –  ARC is seeking support for a young son, Ali, who has foramen oval (hole in his heart). (Bekka Valley, Lebanon)

  • $200 monthly additional general support
  • Funding for micro enterprise (Still in discussions, mother/father wants to start micro enterprise after surgery/medical treatment for her son)

Turkyeh and Hussain Family Fund


7)  Mahmoud Family  6 young children–3 previously working in factories! (Gaziantep, Turkey)

  • $125 mo food support
  • $75 school and other general support
  • $100 Washing machine
  • Micro-enterprise fund (Still in Discussions)

Mahmoud Family Fund                   


8)  Suaad and Qasim Mohamed Jasem (Have been accepted into UNHCR reallocation program to migrate to USA — still being vetted.) (Amman, Jordan) 

  • $60 month for school
  • $100 food costs
  • Micro-enterpise Fund. (This family has 3 teenage children who have not been to school in years. We will focus on training the children in things like cell phone repair. The father has had a mental breakdown and is unable to work.)

Suaad and Qasim Family Fund


9)  Layla and Hassan Family (6 kids and 2 sets of twins) (Bekaa, Lebanon)

  • $300 Refridgerator
  • $250 Oven
  • $160 2 carpets
  • $125 mo food support
  • $2150 Micro-enterprise fund (yearly rent, fabrics, second hand clothes, buttons, desk new sewing machine, seamstress items, improvement of the store). Layla would like to open a sewing and second hand clothing store. She was a seamstress in Syria and would like to modify/upscale used clothing and sew new ones. Startup includes renting store, cleaning and building out with shelving, inventory, professional sewing machine and other seamstress items.

Layla and Hassan Family Fund


10) Okba Ali Kahlil  and Family (Izmir, Turkey)

ARC’s first micro-business. Okba, the father is in the process of opening a small store. His wife, Rana,, will make food to sell and also help run the store. ARC borrowed money from its housing program to fund this project. We would like help paying for the following:

  • $125 mo for store rental (1 year)
  • $500 shelving and paint/cleaning
  • $500 for stock
  • $225 mo salary (for 3 months) while building business.

 Okba Ali Kahlil Family Fund


11)  Amina, Widow with seven young children (Rehanyli Turkey)

  • $200 month general support for food and expenses
  • Micro-enterprise Fund. (Amina would like to open a small store. We are in process of discussing what she would like to sell. A store would be a place her kids could come after school to help, do homework, etc, thus enabling Amina to support her family.)

Amina Family Fund


12) Basma, a widow with four children  (Irbid, Jordan)

  • $60 mo for transportation and other school costs
  • $240 mo for special school for autistic son
  • $350 washing machine
  • $100 Television
  • $300 5 good matresses including beddings for her and the children ($60 each)
  • Micro-enterpise fund (We have helped Basma start a food production business from her home. We purchased an oven/grill, refridgerator, canning supplies, and other basic kitchen items. She could use a professional blender and mixer. We also bought her a sewing machine and table to work on. She needs other sewing material.

Basma Family Fund