Mohammad Al Smadi, Gharayeb Kayed Aleid and their four children – Irbid, Jordan rural area


Mohannad Mahammad Al Smadi, the eleven year old son

This family of six lived in Bosra al-Sham (part of Daraa, in Syria) and fled to Jordan (the Irbid rural area, more specifically). The father Mohammad worked as a driver and in agriculture, owning some land and sheep. His dream is to earn enough money in Jordan to make his family independent and allow his children to get an education. He wants to start a small general/grocery store to support his family. His neighbor Basma, another refugee we support, hopes to sell food through his shop. Unfortunately he injured his foot in a car accident, and now can walk but not carry anything heavy. Surgery can’t help, and it may or may not heal over time. Right now he works in a supermarket from day to day, making 3 Dinars per day. The oldest boy Mohannad (11 years old) used to work in a supermarket for 7 Dinars per day, but with our help has been able to stop working and now goes to school with his brothers Ibrahim (10) and Ahmad (6).

Through your donations, we have paid for better furnishings for their home (500 USD), so that the children no longer sleep on the floor. We also pay for their rent and utilities (about 200 USD) while they get on their feet. And, most importantly of all, 11 year old Mohannad can go to school and be a normal kid because of your support.

Now, Mohammad, the father, wants to start a small business selling vegetables, dairy, chicken, and other foods, including products made by Basma. ARC needs your help to provide the funds to assist him in starting this business so that he can make a living and support his family.

ARC is working in collaboration with volunteer Stefanie Ziervogl to help Mohammad and his family. To learn more about the Al Smadi family, please contact Stefanie at

 Mohammad Al Smadi, Gharayeb Kayed Aleid and their four children – Irbid, Jordan rural area

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