Travel Journal, Day 14

Travel Journal, Day 14

Day 14. Today, as I looked around the camp full of refugees, I saw not just the refugees, but the volunteers I will leave behind. Those who will stay to work day in and day out. I am filed with

Travel Journal, Day 9

I woke this morning wondering what is real in life? And what is simply cultural fabrication? How do we see truth without our cultural bias? Love is a good example of cultural bias. As an American, I learned to love

Travel Journal, Day 7 & 8

Day 7 and 8. Thursday was Orthodox Christmas so everything was closed and the camp was quiet, as for the most part, the buses in Greece were not transporting refugees. Because of that, and because we were out of shoes

Travel Journal, Day 6

                  Day 6. A young man came to me yesterday needing clothes. He had fallen into the Aegean when his rubber boat sank, and lost everything. It was raining and cold, and

Travel Journal, Day 5

Day 5. Yesterday was my break apart day; I felt inside like a shattered vase. The feeling came on me suddenly when I was working with Edi Edii in the food line at the entrance to the camp. The entire camp is surrounded

Travel Journal, Day 4

Day 4. Today there were fewer refugees coming to the camp (less than 2000, but 2380 expected by dawn–they travel even at night) because the bad weather a few days ago prevented refugees from crossing the sea from Turkey to