Travel Journal , Day 3 (Jan 2016)

Travel Journal , Day 3 (Jan 2016)

Day 3. Our team split in two today. With me going to the camp with Kemal Nun Gevgelija and Edi Edii, and the rest going to Skopje in search of much needed shoes. At the camp, Kemal insists that volunteers

Travel Journal, Day 2 (Jan 2016)

Day 2. Our learning curve was big today, on all levels. We were surrounded at the container where NuN keeps its donations by refugees wanting shoes. The men, practical, were thrilled with the hiking boots and thick socks i brought

Travel Journal, Day 1 (Jan 2016)

After 4 planes and over 24 hr of flight time (including thank you Athens for dumping my bag out in security and losing things) we arrived in Gevelija, Macedonia. We decided to go right to the camp, though it was

Build a Garden in a Refugee Camp!

  We are helping refugees grow their own food in Greece and need your help! Welcome Foundation and Americans for Refugees in Crisis (ARC) are jointly developing several projects at Softex camp, in Thessaloniki Greece. Our first project, and one

Help Support a Family in Boston

Reem and Ahmad and their three kids, Jude, Kaess and Rodney recently moved to Boston. They are originally from Aleppo, Syria and came to the US as refugees two years ago now. Originally, they were assigned by the State Dept