Layla and Hassan and their six children -Bekaa, Lebanon

case-layla-hassan-and-family1Layla, Hassan and their six children, ages two to nine (including two sets of twins) left Syria when fighting erupted between the free army and rebel forces in their village. The free army forced the family out of their home so they could counter regime forces at a nearby military facility. They were able to return home only briefly before ISIS entered the village, forcing them the leave once more. They fled to a camp in Lebanon, and later inhabited an abandoned house with broken windows and no running water. They have recently moved back into camp in Bekaa, waiting on chances or the possibility to improve their living conditions. The family entered Lebanon legally and all children can attend school. Hassan, who worked as a farmer in Syria, has recently found work as a taxi driver. He is promised 1/3 of his fares. Layla, a talented seamstress, has with our support been able to set up a shop in camp selling original and up-cycled clothing for mainly Syrian women and children. She also plans to make small pouches and bags, which can be seen below. ARC through generous donations has purchased for her a sewing machine, a desk, and a supply of fabrics. Right now, though, this family needs help with basic needs, while they are struggling but working towards self-sufficiency. Hassan’s new job offers a modest income, but it is a start. Until both parents can provide more stability for the family, ARC is asking for donations of money to cover food expenses for the family.


Hassan Mustafa and Layla Al Alicase-layla-hassan-and-family3

Hussam and Hussain, twins, nine years old

Al Wissam, seven years old

Amir and Rama, twins, four years old

Mohammad, two years old



 Some of Layla’s work, which will be available for purchase in the US.



Layla and Hassan’s Family Needs
The family needs general support in the amount of $150 monthly
Refridgerator – 300 USD new or 200 USD used
Oven             – 250 USD

2 Carpets      – 160 USD together






Americans For Refugees In Crisis is working in coordination with volunteer Stefanie Ziervogl to support Layla and Hassan and their six young children. If you would like to know more about the family and how you can help, please contact Stefanie at .




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 Layla and Hassan and their six children -Bekaa, Lebanon

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