Khalida Bekiar, young widow with four children – Istanbul, Turkey

kahlidja1  Khalida is a young mother whose husband never returned from episodic fighting in Aleppo where the family is originally from. A hairdresser who earned solid income in her previous life in Syria, Khalida, along with her four children, are now living as refugees in Istanbul. They have been in Turkey for more than a year. The family has been surviving on modest income borne on the shoulders of the oldest daughter, Sule, who is 15 years old and has a job in the textile industry. ARC volunteer contacts with the family have made efforts to introduce Khalida (who is very endearing and is eager to restart her career) to communities in which she may find regular business for her hairstyling expertise. She has expressed much hope and motivation in this regard. kahlidja2ARC would love to support a micro-business for Khalida so that she can provide some stability for the family without having to rely on the sacrifices made by her children to work and care for the younger siblings when they would otherwise, all of them, be in school. Khalida understands well the vital connections and future options that early and long-term education will provide for her children. Sule, and Fatima (12 years old), who are the children of their father’s previous marriage, are both very bright and studious. Nourjan, six, and Malmoud, five, are not currently in school, but can possibly begin school this September.



Khalida Bakiar family needs:

$75 /month for food

$25 /month for for school transport and supplies

$500-750 micro-business fund for mobile/in-home hairdressing salon items include           haircoloring kits, equipment, nailcare inventory, cutting chair (any amount will help)


ARC is working in collaboration with volunteer Alistair Muir to assist Khalida and her children. Alistair can be contacted at



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 Khalida Bekiar, young widow with four children – Istanbul, Turkey

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