Turkyeh and Huusain Ali Al-Zwaiher and their four children- Bekaa Valley, Lebanon

turkyhe-and-hussein3This family of six has found temporary refuge in the Bekaa Valley area in Lebanon, after witnessing the destruction of their home by bomb blasts in the Syrian district of Al Tabka, within the city of Al Raqqa. The father, Huusain, who had previously worked in building construction, and his wife, Turkyeh, a young homemaker, would like to return to Syria with their children if the war comes to an end. At this time, the family is in the process of renewing their papers through UNHCR and if all goes well, Huusain will be able to start a business in Lebanon. He is interested in opening a repair shop, fixing electronics and household appliances. The family’s primary medical concern is for three-year-old Ali, who has had a concerning foramen ovale (hole in the heart at birth which has not resolved) for which regular treatment had been necessary – until recently. There has been a dose of good news for the family from the physician after a recent ultrasound and EKG. The doctor believes Ali’s condition will heal itself in the next few years, and that only annual monitoring will be necessary from this point onward.



Americans For Refugees In Crisis is coordinating efforts with volunteer Stefanie Ziervogl to help the Al- Zwaiher family. For more information about the family and how you can help, please contact Stefanie at





Turkyeh and Huusain’s children –

Sajida, six years old

Aya, five years old

Ali, three years old

Mohammad one and a half years old





Al-Zwaiher family needs

ー$150 USD monthly for food expenses

ーFunding for micro enterprise (still in discussion at this time)





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 Turkyeh and Huusain Ali Al-Zwaiher and their four children- Bekaa Valley, Lebanon

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