Suaad and Qasim Mohamed Jasem -Amman, Jordan

Suaad and Qasim Mohamed Jasem -Amman, Jordan

Suaad and Qasim and their children are originally from an area known as Al Salem, in Baghdad, Iraq. In 2009, Qasim, who worked as a cleaner at a military facility, was kidnapped by an unknown group of men. After several

Fayet Muhammed Mahmud, his wife and their seven children -Gaziantep,Turkey

This large family is living in Gaziantep,Turkey after first escaping bombings in their village in the Damascus suburbs in 2013 and fleeing subsequent violent conditions in Raqqua and Kobani on their difficult journey. As Kurdish Syrian refugees living in Turkey,

Al Kahlil family -Izmir, Turkey

ARC is on the cusp of sponsoring two micro-enterprises. One of these is a small convenience shop for the Al Kahlil family in response to the father, Okba’s business initiative. Okba has been working seven days a week: five days

Amina Abdel-Rahman Alsaid and seven children -Reyhanli, Turkey

Early one morning in July 2012, Amina’s husband left for work as a driver and never returned. Soon after this, Syrian regime forces attacked her village, tortured the men and killed her neighbors. Amina and her children fled to the

Basma, mother of four children -Irbid, Jordan

Back Basma and her husband and four young children fled war conditions in Syria and found refuge in Jordan. Soon after their arrival, the father left the family, fled to Turkey and was not heard of or from, again. Without